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The Hippocratic Oath is a code of conduct that has been deemed as a rite of passage for medical practitioners since the Fifth Century BCE. It is sacred Greek text that has withstood the test of time as an understanding that practicing medicine should be governed by ethics, principles, and above all else empathy and compassion for those that need to be cared for.

We, at The Health Digest try to embody the values of this oath to the best of our abilities in every article we publish. We understand that in most cases, the proper information about a medical condition is the best deterrent for the condition becoming unmanageable.

The Health Digest is made up of a team of dedicated writers that tirelessly research changing trends in healthcare to make sure that the information you receive is accurate, holistic and legible. The science of medicine is vast as it is complex. We want to make sure that the articles that are featured on this health journal are either the first step in prevention or the final step in peace of mind.

The Health Digest is a venture of the Clicksco Group, a multinational ad-tech company that operates in 14 countries. Clicksco was established in 2009, partnering with companies like Google, Yahoo and Facebook to provide customers with the best value possible.

Our customers have been our main concern since Clicksco Group was started, and we hope The Health Digest becomes our most sincere representation of this fact.

For any queries concerning anything we do reach us at: contact@thehealthdigest.org

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